The Blue City

The Blue City

Jodhpur is the centre for furniture manufacture in Rajasthan and it is from that city that our products have been sourced. 

In addition to this, it is a place worth visiting in its own right and is a popular tourist destination. Within the old part of the city most of the houses are painted blue. This is said to be because the colour is associated with Lord Shiva. Another, practical, reason is because the shade of blue reflects heat. This is important in a part of India which experiences some of the highest temperatures in the country. The colouring agent employed is copper sulphate.

The visual effect can be appreciated simply by taking a stroll through the old city. Also, a particularly striking view can be seen from Mehrangarh fort, one of the largest in India. As well as being an imposing military structure which rises high above the city it features spectacular decoration, carving and ornamentation. 

Jodhpur has still more to offer including the Umaid Bhawan palace and hotel and Jaswant Thada, an ornate memorial to a 19th century maharaja.

It is a busy and vibrant city with a richly varied market area focused on the Ghantaghar (clock tower) which is open to the public and from which fascinating views of the surrounding area are possible.