A large part of the charm of our Indian furniture is that, being manufactured from recycled materials, no two products from a particular range are likely to be identical in appearance. Equally, the item you purchase may not be identical to the photograph you see on the website. Colours, for example, are likely to vary from one item to another. Please also note that any product re-ordered from our suppliers will be subject to the same subtle differences.

The photographs in our website are of the specific items we have in stock and provide as accurate an impression as possible. 

We understand that you will want to ensure that your purchase meets with your expectations therefore, if you require any further details, including additional photographs, please let us know.

Space requirements

For many of the smaller items the issue of physically fitting them within the home will not arise. However, in all cases it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that spaces within the property, such as doorways, passageways and stairs are sufficient to accommodate the item concerned. 

If you are in any doubt about this please contact us and we will verify the precise dimensions.

In the event that it proves impossible to manoeuvre the item into its intended location we cannot, unfortunately, offer a refund of the cost of either delivery or return.


So far as the weight of our products is concerned, we have been provided with accurate data regarding some of them, but not all, and in those cases we have had to estimate. In the event that this was a significant issue for a prospective customer we would endeavour to ascertain the precise weight of the product concerned.