We have always been fascinated by the idea of India but it wasn’t until 2014 that we had the opportunity to visit the country for the first time. Our tour started in Delhi...


...continued through the cities of Rajasthan...


...and ended on the backwaters and beaches of Kerala. We tried, within the limits of the time we had, to see the famous sights such as the Taj Mahal, but we also took the opportunity to travel off the beaten track to get some experience of village life.

This was an eye opening experience. We were able not only to see the well known images but also to get some appreciation of how this huge country with such diverse cultures works in practice. Wherever we went we received the most friendly of welcomes.


The trip was everything we had hoped for and much more and we would highly recommend it.

After our return home we reflected on the sights we had seen and the people we had met. One thing that had really struck us was the wonderful local furniture made mostly from recycled materials. Eventually the idea formed that perhaps we could develop a business from making some of these products available in the UK. Also, that would give us another excuse to revisit India!

Our second visit was much more focused since we had arranged to meet suppliers, view their products and see them being manufactured. A bewildering array was available, which we narrowed down to the range you will see on our website. Please feel welcome to browse. If you do not see anything to your liking at this stage please note that we have ongoing supply arrangements and a further consignment of different items will be arriving soon, so keep in touch! 

Jean & Tony